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Tanks and VesselsTanks and Vessels Case History

A sulphuric acid tank in Iowa developed bottom sludge.

A horizontal, 18,000 gallon spent sulphuric acid tank contained approximately 12,000 gallons of sludge. The sludge had hardened and required jackhammers to break it up for removal. The sludge was to be disposed of off site, so Eagle Services made arrangements with a reputable, licensed waste hauler and a reputable, licensed disposal facility to provide roll off boxes, transportation and disposal.

Two men were put inside the vessel wearing acid-proof coveralls over 23p Saranex suits and acid-proof boots and gloves with supplied air breathing apparatus. While one man jackhammered the material loose, the second man pulverized the material with a hand tool so it would go through a 6" vacuum hose. The material was then vacuumed up and loaded into a roll off box using a swing out cyclone vacuum truck. The exhaust from the vacuum truck blower was routed through a 3% caustic scrubber designed by Eagle Services.

As the boxes were filled, they were transported to the designated disposal facility. Upon removal of all material from the tank, the tank was rinsed using a solution of soda ash and water and then triple rinsed with fresh water.

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