industrial cleaning, environmental cleaning, high-pressure waterblasting, wet/dry vacuuming, daylighting, hydroexcavation, chemical recirculation

Industrial Cleaning Services

Eagle Services offers professional experience, technical expertise and trained personnel to safely meet your industrial cleaning and/or environmental cleaning needs.

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Biohazard DecontaminationBiohazard Decontamination

Eagle Services utilizes trained personnel, protective equipment, as well as proprietary cleaning solutions and methodologies to address bio hazard contamination.


Eagle Services employs 2 and 3 stage centrifuges to separate liquids from solids and liquids from liquids for volume reduction of industrial wastes or product recovery.

Chemical CleaningChemical Cleaning

Eagle Services utilizes specialized equipment, proprietary chemical blends, and proprietary methodologies to recirculate cleaning compounds through process equipment such as lube oil equipment, food process equipment, oxygen lines, and hydraulic systems for maintenance and pre-operational cleaning.

Concrete ScarificationConcrete Scarification

Eagle Services utilizes 40,000 psi water directed by robotically controlled nozzles. High pressure water exposes rebar in preparation for concrete restoration.


Using non-mechanical methods, Eagle Services safely and efficiently exposes underground utilities with pressurized water combined with vacuum.

Drum ManagementDrum Management

Eagle Services utilizes decontamination equipment, crushing equipment and information models to handle, manage, prepare for re-use, or dispose of drums that may be constructed of metal or plastic.

Filter PressingFilter Pressing

Eagle Services utilizes plate and frame, belt presses, and rotary vacuum presses to separate solids from liquid as it applies to industrial sludges.

Lead AbatementLead Abatement

Eagle Services employs trained personnel, proprietary chemicals and methodologies to remove lead based paint, lead liners, and other lead contaminated materials.

Pipeline CleaningPipeline Cleaning

Eagle Services utilizes a variety of techniques, including ultra high pressure, 10K waterblasting, high velocity and high volume flushing, chemical re-circulation and pigging to clean all types of deposits.

Pumping / DewateringPumping / Dewatering

Eagle Services utilizes submersible, centrifugal, and positive displacement pumps to remove water from flooded structures and areas.

Runway StrippingRunway Stripping

Eagle Services utilizes proprietary equipment for rubber and / or paint removal from airport runways. Surfaces are waterblasted with appropriate pressures to expose substrates. Loosened material is concurrently collected using a vacuum deck. The result is an exposed substrate after only one pass of the equipment.

Sewer CleaningSewer Cleaning

Eagle Services utilizes jet rodders, combination units, and bucket equipment to remove debris from sanitary and process sewers for maintenance, closure, or inspection.

Special Waste HaulingVacuum - Liquid

Eagle Services utilizes vacuum tank transports to collect and haul special liquid waste materials such as spent industrial products, septic materials, oily water, and non-hazardous acids and bases.

Spill ResponseSpill Response

Eagle Services utilizes trained personnel, personal protective equipment, clean up equipment as well as proprietary methodologies to address hazardous waste spill situations.

Vacuum Air LoaderVacuum - Air Loader

Eagle Services utilizes a standard fleet of 28" Hf, 5000 cfm trucks to remove industrial debris such as sand, bricks, slag, fouled product, or sludge. Material vacuumed can be transported, then off-loaded by tipping the truck bed, pumping, augering, or pneumatic blow off.

Vacuumed materials can also be loaded directly into drums or vacuum roll off boxes when these containers are positioned as interceptors between the hose inlet and the truck.

Vacuum LiquidVacuum - Liquid

Eagle Services utilizes carbon steel and stainless steel tanked units to remove and transport liquids such as hydrocarbons, water, caustics and acids, or septic material.

Video InspectionVideo Inspection

Eagle Services utilizes static and self-propelled cameras to inspect otherwise inaccessible or remote areas such as pipe interiors or to view hazardous environments from a safe location.

High Pressure WaterblastingHigh Pressure Waterblasting

Eagle Services uses 10,000 psi water with proprietary high efficency nozzles to clean foulants from industrial process equipment. 20K, 30K and 40K psi pressures are employed for more tenacious materials.


Eagle Services employs 20K, 30K, and 40K psi water for cutting metals, concrete, wood, and composite materials for applications such as tank entry, plant modification, or surface preparation.