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ReactorsReactors Case History

During a severe Midwestern snowstorm, the contents of a chemical plant's 20,000 gallon stainless steel reactor hardened inside the vessel.

The hardened contents had to be removed before the reactor could be placed back in service. Due to the snowstorm, all roads, including a major interstate, from Eagle Services' normal service location were closed. Eagle Services' equipment was available from a southern location which was unaffected by the storm; however, the personnel with the proper credentials for the job were unable to drive to the plant. Eagle Services' personnel were taken to a municipal airport, via snowmobiles, and were airlifted by helicopter to the customer's location. At the same time, the equipment was delivered from Eagle Services' southern location.

Eagle Services employed 30,000 psi water and vacuum equipment to remove material from the reactor and worked around the clock to successfully complete the project.

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