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Rail Car CleaingRail Cars Case History

A corn processing company had a huge mess on their hands. Several rail cars had been over filled with corn oil and subsequently had spillage all over the outside of their rail cars.

They had also received rail cars from another site where the grain inside had caught fire and was out of service. That company called Eagle Services Corp to solve these problems. Eagle Services utilized their fully automated robotic arm equipped with our high volume 10k Hydro Blaster to clean the outside of the rail car from a safe distance. After the outside of the rail cars were cleaned, Eagle Services equipped our 10k hydro blasted with a 3D hurricane blaster accessory that broke up the material inside. After material was loose and manageable, Eagle Services Corp used one of their 5000 CFM vacuum trucks to pull material out of the rail car and unloaded to an onsite roll off box. The satisfied customer put their rail cars back into service and carried on with production.

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