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Hydroexcavation - DaylightingHydroexcavation / Daylighting Case History

A municipality was conducting a site inspection to repair damaged gas lines and to install a fencing system around the area. There were multiple hazards present including trenching and shoring hazards, further gas line damage, and it was located in a highly congested traffic area.

Eagle Services utilized 2,000 psi Hydroexcavation equipment to locate damaged gas lines without damaging existing lines in the area and allowed a maintenance crew to conduct a safe repair. Eagle Services hydro-drilled precise holes and vacuumed loose soil for the contractor to successfully install a fencing system. Vacuumed soil was then dumped in a designated area to be used for backfill. The project was completed without any damages or injury in a full shift.

Eagle's hydroexcavation technology is optimal for any form of underground maintenance or construction where hazards to utilities and equipment are present. It also ensures the safety and wellness of associated crew members on site. Due to the heated, pressurized water used for digging, frozen soil and other weather factors are eliminated to promote excavation projects year-round. Hydroexcavation also offers economic benefits because a smaller crew can accomplish more work in less time than conventional excavation resulting in cost savings to the overall project.

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