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ExchangersExchangers Case History

A 3,000 tube exchanger at a chemical plant in Illinois is cleaned successfully.

Hot product passed through the tube side; and cooling water passed across the shell side. The product had set up in the tubes and was not responding to conventional 10,000 psi waterblasting methods, so Eagle Services increased the water pressure to 20,000 psi. This proved to be the most effective, cost efficient cleaning method for the tube side of the exchanger.

Meanwhile, as Eagle Services worked closely with the customer's lab technicians, it was determined there were no significant changes in the chemical properties of the product that could be attributed to the hardening of the product in the tubes. So we turned our attention to the shell side of the exchanger and focused on the exchanger's ability to cool the product.

After obtaining and analyzing scale retrieved from a low point drain, Eagle Services and its customer determined it was necessary to chemically clean the scale from the shell side of the exchanger. Because of the type of scale found and the metallurgy of the exchanger, the solvent of choice was inhibited hydroxyacetic, formic acid in the appropriate ratios.

Since this 48-hour episode, a routine maintenance schedule is followed; and this piece of equipment has not been down for more than 24 hours for cleaning and operates at increased efficiency between cleaning intervals.

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