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Chemical CleaningChemical Cleaning Case History

A steel mill needed to remove iron oxide and water hardness deposits from the water jackets on a blast furnace.

Eagle Services was contracted to chemically clean two water jackets on the steel mill’s blast furnace which had become fouled with iron oxides and water hardness deposits. Due to the number of inlets and outlets, pre-job planning to achieve proper flow patterns and velocities was crucial.

Through pre-job planning and scale analysis, Eagle Services came up with a process and procedure to execute the project safely and efficiently using a mixture of wetting agents and organic acids to remove the scale. Once the project started, Eagle Services executed reverse flows every half hour and monitored the temperature at all ports with a heat gun to insure that all loops were circulating evenly and used an explosion-proof, waterproof rheostat control to adjust flow rates and pressures on its self-contained pumping unit as needed to achieve proper flow rates. Eagle Services then used analytical testing to determine when the systems were free of fouling.

Because of the efficiency of Eagle Services’ system, this project was completed more quickly than originally estimated. The client was pleased with Eagle Services' professionalism and the timely completion of the project.

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